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Does a best electric chainsaw that is good is made by Hitachi?

Hitachi has a 16 inch 32cc power saw at Menards on sale this weekend for 150 dollars. Do they make an excellent saw? I know their cordless tools are supposed to be pretty good but I can't locate any reviews.

Just bought one close examination shown a cheaply made saw, mostly plastic on ouside.

After filling and fueling oil chamber attempted to begin. After a LOT of pulling it finally showed signs of starting. It required quite an attempt to get it to run more than a second or two before it finally warmed up enough to idle and run at rate. Noticed immediately that the bar was getting very hot and smoking even though oil was obviously being applied to the bar/chain in great amount.

Stooped discovered indicators of quite hot metal at bar tip and saw.

Let saw cool down fully and attempted to restart it took a lot of effort to get it to run and again the bar got really hot, actually smoking the pub lube oil that.

Will return this saw to Menards, Will stick with Echo, Husqvarna & Stihl that I have had excellent experiences with.

I 've other Hitachi tools and they have been of generally high quality. Perhaps, the one I purchased was merely a bad unit, but not ready to risk $150.

Better to pay somewhat more for something long-lasting and well known. Both the Stihl and Husqvarna are superb ( also the Echo ) I possess a Husqvarna 445 and Man that thing is a Beaver on Steroids, it is also a 16" pub but can accomodate around a 20" bar, and it is 46 - 50 cc, a little more pep afterward 32cc.


I had precisely the same problem starting the engine as another poster and only bought. I shall be bringing it back.

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